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Pine Needle Press
Life Is Energy
  Looking at what has been accomplished by those that have held a positive belief in the goodness of mankind, it is clear that a positive approach to life, a belief in yourself and others and a true faith in what is right will lead you to an inner peace that will guide you through all the days of your life, both the good times and those that provide balance. 
  The physical energy that surrounds us here on Earth is both beautiful and terrifying, comforting yet harsh, nourishing yet draining. If you believe that your spiritual energy will be transformed, just as your physical body will take its place amongst the elements of the good Earth, evolving for all of eternity....make sure your choices in life reflect where you want to be. Don't give up or get too discouraged when things don't go just the way you thought they should, remember positively... your life is energy...use it wisely!

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Life Is Energy
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